Welcome to Caldwell Pathshala.


Caldwell Pathshala is an integral and vibrant part of Jain Center of New Jersey. This Jain Pathshala was established in 1983 at Caldwell Derasar with following goals in mind:

  • To teach Jainism / Jain Religion principles, values and culture based on Jain scriptures.
  • To introduce children to Tirthankars, Ganadharas, Five Parmesthis and other great Jain souls and learn from their lives and teachings.
  • To introduce children to Chaturvidh Sangh (Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak and Shravika) established by Lord Mahavir and their Jain way of life.
  • To teach Jain Sootras and processes of Darshan, Vandan, Pujan, Samayik, Pratikraman, etc.
  • To introduce children to Karma Theory, Cosmic Order, Soul and Moksh (liberation of soul).
  • To teach importance of Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct.
  • To introduce children to Jain Pilgrimages and history.

Over the period of time the number of students attending the Pathshala has increased many fold and so as the activities of the Pathshala. Please visit Activities section for more details about various activities organized / carried out by Caldwell Pathshala. In recent years the total number of students attending Pathshala is 100+ on average.

The pathshala classes are conducted in English.

In addition to the pathshala classes, in 1991 we started Gujarati Language classes for children who want to learn the language. These classes are held for one hour prior to the pathshala classes, as given in the schedule.

Please visit Swadhyay Videos section to watch the recorded videos of various Swadhyay sessions condicted by Dr. Shri Kirtibhai Shah.

Please visit Registration section for more details about Registration Process, different class levels and eligibility criteria for each level. Every year, the Pathshala sessions are held between September/October and June of following year. Please visit Calendar section for details about dates and timings of various Pathshala sessions. Please visit Events section for details about dates and timings of various upcoming events.

The credit for success of Caldwell Pathshala goes to very knowledgeable and dedicated panel of teachers. Please visit Teachers section for names and other details about teachers of Caldwell Pathshala. During each Pathshala session, students are served with snacks. Please visit Snacks section for more details and to know about Snacks Sponsorship Program. Please visit Gallery section for photos and videos of various Pathshala Events.

Caldwell Pathshala is very thankful to Jain Center of New Jersey, all the teachers, pathshala admins, students & their parents / guardians, and our generous donors for making this Pathshala a big success.

This website is owned and operated by volunteers of Caldwell Pathshala for the sole purpose of communicating the pathshala events and activities to the pathshala families and distributing classroom materials to the students.