Welcome to Caldwell Pathshala.

Pathshala Activities

Apart from teaching Jainism / Jain Religion, Caldwell Pathshala also makes sure that its students learn about other customs and traditions of Jain Religion. To achieve this goal, Caldwell Pathshala organizes / carries out following activities and encourages more and more students to participate in these activities:

  • Samuh Chaityavandan by Pathshala students and teachers after each Pathshala session
  • Gnan Pancham program for Pathshala students at Derasar
  • Snatra Pooja by Pathshala students and teachers at Derasar
  • Group Samayik by Pathshala students and teachers
  • Cleaning of Derasar by Pathshala students
  • Rewarding students at the end of each Pathshala year for regular attendance during each of three sessions of Pathshala
  • Diwali program to make pathshala students aware about significance of Diwali and New Year day as per jainism and to make them aware of jain cultural traditions
  • Participation in Cultural Programs such as dance and drama by Pathshala students during Mahavir Jayanti celebrations
  • Chaitya Paripati after Paryushan
  • Participation by Pathshala students in Interfaith Community programs
  • Annual Pathshala Graduation Ceremony with picnic

This website is owned and operated by volunteers of Caldwell Pathshala for the sole purpose of communicating the pathshala events and activities to the pathshala families and distributing classroom materials to the students.